My first official day

So yesterday I officially started my phd. Needless to say, I was tense, tense and nervous. And excited, and scared, and freaking out, and in awe, and kind of calm and somewhat hopeful. And I went back and forth through all these emotions and states a couple of times throughout the day, but all in all, it was a good day.

It started out with me arriving at the building, finding the right place and being introduced to the Associate Professor and director of Post Graduate Studies. He shook my hand, I told him my name and he said he remembered who I was, told me he was delighted that I had gotten accepted, that my supervisor had spoken highly of me, that he liked my thesis and that they have high hopes for me there. That tiny conversation was a roller-coaster of emotions ending with the lovely tenseness taking a grip of me. Yay…

Then I got to meet my fellow researchers, which all seemed nice and I am sure we are going to get along just fine. Even though mine is the only research including gender studies (the majority seemed to be about sustainability) I hope to be able to share some thoughts, discuss and debate over the topics that interest me.

There was an introduction about the University, the Phd program and so on, which both enlightened and confused me, then a nice lunch where we all got the opportunity to present ourselves, our research field and topics that we are interested in. Some other professors joined the lunch, and many of them came up to me and commented on my research; they were pleased that they finally had gotten someone who introduced gender studies to their marketing department. While there are some, a few, others at the Uni that apply some type of gender-related studies to their research in other departments, the marketing dept. was sorely lacking. And that is exactly where I come in, I guess.

After lunch we had a recess, I managed to sort some things out, but not all, and then we had an introduction for the two courses we will study these first few months. Needless to say, there is a lot to read and write in both courses. I mean, a lot, really, a whole lot. Phew! I actually wanted to write this blog post yesterday evening, but I was just so slammed with all sorts of papers, new systems to get access to, articles to read, reports to write and so on that I just did not have any time. Actually I barely have time now, just finished my first report so I figured I could spare the rest of the night to other activities, but come tomorrow, I have to start reading a book that I should have read and reported on for a seminar next Tuesday. At least, I will now, for the four years to come, always have something to do. Idle hands and all that…not for me!

(A classmate uploaded this image to our brand new facebook-group, I think it very accurately sums up what this journey is going to be. :] )



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