Testy women

Sexism comes in many forms. While my research focus is mainly on advertising and foremost the imagery used, there are still other ways to show gender bias. Language, for instance, is just a great source of degradation and pure old sexism. Read this and weep.

Even if you are not a Hillary supporter, you may still find it interesting, and also insanely frustrating. Deep down I think (hope) most of us have learned by now how media helps to distort our views of reality, still, when we are repetitively fed with the same type of gender biased and, well, sexist language, it is kind of difficult not to get persuaded and affected. I mean, by repetition, norms are born, standards are set, if you repeat something enough times, it will surely stick.

“Feigning neutrality and reporting on the effect of their own reporting is like repeatedly hitting someone then asking why they keep getting hit.”

Even if we know that reporters and journalists are human beings just like us (thus they are not objective, no matter how much they say they are or wish it), I guess we want to more or less believe in what they say and write. It is clear that the authors of the article are on Hillary’s side, but then again, they are not trying to hide it. And even so, the case they make is an important one; media writes about men and women in different ways. And it’s not just about women in power like Hillary, which of course have to be put down (ps. sarcasm), it’s about all women. The discourse of men and women looks very different in media, even when talking about the same thing, the same act, it is still presented as different. Men are such and such, while women are something else, often something with negative inclinations.

“The formula is simple: Man = firm. Woman = testy.”

I so hope that people can see through this elaborate language scheme, but sadly, it’s still “only” the year 2015, and we are apparently, not quite there yet.