Boobies, baths and beyond

I recently came across a story that happened one year ago, but can still be considered pretty current. It was about two women in Sweden who went to a bathhouse and bathed topless, if you can read Swedish you can check it out here, for all you others I will sum it up: So basically the women just wanted to bathe topless  cause that was more comfortable for them, but when the security guards saw them they were confronted about it. They debated for a while about the unfairness of it all, since men are allowed to bathe in just swimming trunks, why should this not be OK for women? Eventually they got kicked out of the bathhouse and demanded their money back, which they also got.

After the incident the women started a petition for allowing women to bathe topless in the bathhouse if they so chose, they gathered hundreds of names and marched right down to the bathhouse supervisor with their list of names. A month or so later, you could see this story, which said that the women had got what they demanded; the bathhouse had changed their rules and now women could, if they wanted to, bathe topless.

I was delighted to hear that the women were taken seriously by the bathhouse and that they actually took action. This might not be an enormous cause for equality, but hey, every step we take is valuable. What is interesting though, is why this was even an issue to begin with.

Women have breasts, get over it. Breasts are not dangerous to look at, they are simply, breasts. The problem is that breasts, at least female breasts, have in our culture and society become sexualized. I am not sure why, since their primary function is to produce and dispense milk for babies, and how sexy is that really? It’s just a biological function. But since men’s breasts are different, for starters they do not produce or dispense anything, also they are (usually) smaller, it kind of becomes an issue. Everything that sets women apart from men is basically an issue, since the male body is, and has always been, the norm. It’s ridiculous really, that we even now, in 2015, have to be ashamed or feel weird about a pair of breasts. That we have to cover them up as if the mere sight of them will blind someone, or that they might poke somebody’s eyes out.

They’re just breasts. Take it easy.